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In this class, you learn the basic foundations of healthy cooking.

you will learn how to take the most recipes and make them healthy.

Nutrition, great taste, and making the meals satisfying are some of the key points here. Single person $200.00, Group $150 each



In this class, you will take your basic foundations of healthy cooking and expand that knowledge. We will explore cutting calories, making every meal balanced and organics. You learn how to discover hidden fillers and calories in recipes and by taste. Single $200, Group $150.00



You will learn what and why macrobiotic cooking is important. We will explore the foods, and history of cooking macro. I will make it very easy for you to cook and eat this way.  Single $200.00, Group $150.00



In this class, we will create small well-balanced snacks that are easily transportable. These snacks will actually satisfy, energize, and keep you on your healthy lifestyle. Single $200.00, Group $150.00

Give someone you love
the gift of cooking with
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Vegan cooking


In this class, we will learn the basics of vegan cooking. I put a lot of attention to making dishes/recipes protein-packed. We explore where and how to shop for the best ingredients and how to handle them. Single $150.00, Group $200.00.



In this class, we learn about the world of being a vegetarian. We create dishes that are Raw, Vegan and
Vegetarian. you learn why people choose to go to Vegetarian.
Single $200.00, Group $150.00



Intro to Raw cooking


In this class, you will begin to learn the foundations of cooking raw.

Choosing the right ingredients, prepping, and flavor combinations.

Single $200.00, Group $150.00 

Raw cooking


A bit more advanced in this class. We will create several raw favorites.

You will have a well-rounded idea about going and preparing raw foods. Single $200.00, Group $150.00

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