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Know what type of meat you are buying and consuming

So in the grocery store I see beef and I also see different categories of beef. Today I will explain why there are different kinds of beef and what it means.

so let get started, Beef comes in 3 type as far as quality goes

1. Prime- produced from young, well fed cattle with good marbling

2. Choice- considered good quality but not as great as prime and less marbling

3. Select- leaner and as less marbling not as juicy as prime or choice

Now we have new categories in the markets

1. organic beef the cow is fed no antibiotic, or chemicals but can be fed corn, soy.

2. Grass-fed beef the cow is fed a diet of grass but it s fed soy and corn the last 4 months of its life

3. Grass-finished the cow is fed grass its whole life.

Research shows that cows fed corn and soy develop issues with health and that is passed on to us and research also shows that cows fed and finished with grass has far less issues and has many health benefits that is again passed on to us.

So for my clients I like to purchase grass finished beef but cooking it can be difficult. Grass finished beef has very little to no marbling. The marbling is what makes the steak juicy. Some of my clients who are use to eating Prime cuts find the grass finished to be a bit tough.

Cooking grass finished very slowly does wonders to it.

Sous- vide is a perfect way to cook grass finished beef.

Sous-vide is a cooking method where food is vacuumed sealed and submerged in a controlled temperature water. the low temperature water cooks the beef slowly and its fantastic. This method of cooking is usually used in a very high-end restaurant.

I will do a blog on the basic understanding of Sous-vide.

I am Chef Keith Thomas and I live in Los Angeles. I am currently working as a Private Chef.

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